Friday, June 3, 2011

Virtual inéov, to improve 3D experience

 Immerse yourself in virtual Inéov !
Log onto our Web3D platform and share with your avatar the best moments of the symposium. Intuitively browse the virtual showroom and see our partners on their stands. Greet and interact physically (via your avatar!) with other web visitors. Launch a public or private chat.
Accept an audio conversation with one or more users, and participate to a virtual meeting on our lounge space.
Visualize in real time or delayed video lectures of the symposium, and drop your comments.

In short, forget the distance and immerse yourself in the
Discover the virtual event

Thanks to GaeaNova platform
The platform was developed by GaeaNova (in consortium with A World for us and Gamr7)
With all 3D web technologies (augmented and robotic reality, interactivity, community network...), the virtual Symposium Inéov completes or replaces the actual event.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC – Optimizing energetic efficiency of buildings

Schneider Electric in a nutshell

“Schneider Electric is an international expert in energy management, present in over 100 countries, and offers integrated solutions to a number of market segmentations. Our 120,000 employees are proactive in making energy safer, more efficient and more reliable, and brought our sales figures up to 17.3 billion euros in 2007 by a commitment to individuals and organizations to help make the best out of their energy. Schneider Electric encourages a group of partners to develop an economy of building’s energetic efficiency on a large scale. Our group offers its ability to innovate in energy control and management.

Schneider Electric becomes partner with Inéov


Inéov is going to be an opportunity for us to share our experience on the first results and prototypes achieved as part of our HOMES program. This innovative program brought together over a dozen partners who worked for 4 years to design affordable, usable solutions that use electric sensors technologies and powerful means of communication and calculation so that every building can achieve its best energetic efficiency.”


(Sylvain Paineau, manager of the program)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

SOGETI HIGH-TECH – following and controlling your electric consumption






Sogeti in a nutshell


“For a few years, Sogeti High Tech has been playing a major part in the European market of engineering and technological advising in space and aeronautic industry, railroad and energy. It capitalizes on innovation to make a difference, both with its clients by investing on R&D projects with them, and with its associates who find this an opportunity for expression and evolution. Where industrial devices are concerned, we have been working a lot on architecture/solutions specialized in service in different ways.”


Sogeti becomes partner with Ineov


“We will be taking part in Ineov presenting SmartElectricity, a collaborative research project which brings together over 11 local involved people from Minalogic, among which Sogeti High Tech. The aim of this 20 million Euros project is to build a convergence dynamic in electricity, industrial automation and communication. As part of this project, we are developing a smart electric dashboard that can communicate and is able to interface itself with its environment and to evolve rapidly in time with information technologies.”

(Didier Appell, Directeur of Sogeti High-Tech Rhône-Alpes)

Ineov: new program

Get a smart future –  new keys to boost your IT innovations


The program of the event is based on a 5-step educational process: discovering, learning, organizing, understanding and sharing.

Real examples, feedback on successes and failures, discovery of great projects, information and methodology: a dynamic, informative event, to gain access to a whole new field of innovation.


Ineov’s assets:


-         Chinese and American special guests

-         Experience sharing through videoconference

-         Round-table conference with Colorado and Dalian Softawre Park


A web event:

-         Committees of the whole broadcast on the internet

-         Chat

-         Interactive system of vote and questions

-         Blog


Participation of a number of companies and research centers:

Capgemini, Atos Origin, Orange Labs, Schneider Electric, Inria, Cea, Cnrs, Ensimag,...


Two high points:

-     A friendly networking evening to discover and experiment new uses of numeric systems

-     A final conference with Léo Dayan, a famous French economist who will be talking about the eco-links economic system and new models of economic growth

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

3 American speakers join the event!

Three experts from Colorado, Alex Sammoury, Sunil Cherian and Kyle Roche have now confirmed their intervention at the Inéov symposium. As heads of companies specialized in sustainable technologies, they will be sharing their expertise, especially in the fields of Smart Grid and Green IT.

Meet our three transatlantic experts

« Alex Sammoury (on the left) is the Executive Director of the Longmont Entrepreneurial Network (LEN) a not-for-profit business incubator dedicated to the development, growth and promotion of new innovative technologies, that provide social, environmental and financial value to Longmont and surrounding communities. Mr. Sammoury has 35 years of business and entrepreneurial experience.»
>>> Learn more about LEN

Sunil Cherian (in the middle) is the founder and CEO of Spirae, Inc. based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Spirae is specialized in infrastructure solutions for distributed energy and smart grid applications. He is currently involved in a collaborative project with Schneider, Smart Grid City, which aims at developing monitoring of energy consumption in homes and communities, and decentralized production of electricity.
>>> Learn more about Spirae 

« Kyle Roche (on the right) is President and CEO of Isidorey, a Denver based company focused on connecting M2M applications to the cloud. Kyle has been involved in some of the largest cloud migrations to date for Google, and Amazon Web Services. Kyle is the author of Google App Engine for Java, Programming Google Wave and is a regular speaker at cloud computing and open source conferences. »
>>> Learn more about Isidorey

Monday, April 18, 2011

GreenUnivers is now a media partner with Inéov

GreenUnivers, the ultimate Green Business website

GreenUnivers was launched in early 2002 and soon became the No. 1 ecomonic and financial media in France in the cleantech sectors.

GreenUnivers closely follows the current economic and financial news about the environmental market (“Green Business”), that is new energies, energetically efficient technologies, smart electric networks, Green IT, water and waste processing, electric cars, carbon market, carbon footprint, etc.

Designed for every actor in the Green Business sector, GreenUnivers daily offers to its readership a flow of articles and analysis on news regarding Green Business in France and in the world. Today, it boasts over 4,000 articles and it is now a historical knowledge basis which is unique in France. This website is easy to browse through thanks to its elaborate multi-criteria search engine.

Recognized as an expert, GreenUnivers is partner with Ernst & Young, PriceWaterhouseCoopers – with whom it made a directory of Green Business in France – AFIC Cleantech club (French association of capital investors), BFM Business and la Tribune. GreenUnivers has recently released an overview of Green Business France 2011, which is available on its website.

GreenUnivers is now partner with Inéov

« From smart buildings to electric cars charging management, and from carpool software to energy dashboards in apartments, information technologies are key to a new economy more efficient and less wasteful.

GreenUnivers, the ultimate Green Business website, was therefore eager to partner with Inéov, an event in which the speakers will be having an overview of this 3rd industrial revolution in its every aspect – sociology, research, economic models, etc. This will be a chance for us to assess IT for Green’s potential, an approach that includes most Green Business sectors. GreenBusiness will be showing a status report on markets and on its main companies, thus illustrating its growing importance.

Learn more about GreenUnivers (French)

Monday, April 11, 2011

Orange Labs towards a smart city

Orange Labs in a nutshell
Our mission is to provide innovative products and services to France Telecom, the French telecom operator. We are one of the 15 research centers of the Orange Labs network.
200 researchers and engineers work in the site of Meylan on innovation themes such as:  Home, Machine to Machine (M2M), Cloud computing, terminals and interfaces, customer experience and health.

Orange Labs and Inéov

"We aim at reinforcing our presence in the user-centrered innovations, and in Green IT technologies  in the field of telecommunications. This is a great innovation challenge for Meylan Orange Labs and we wish to present our tools and actions to innovate in Green IT projects, and share our success stories. We also hope to promote Inovallée Green IT in the Rhone Alpes ecosystem".

Orange Labs will present several major collaborative research projects in which its researchers are strongly involved:

  • The Senscity project, which aims to create a unique machine-to-machine communication infrastructure that allow communities to offer management solutions, thus enabling them to optimize their services - waste management, public lighting, water distribution networks, etc. Vincent Gimeno, who is a Project Manager at Orange Labs, will show the latest experiments conducted for the purpose of a sustainable city with Gaz Electricité de Grenoble and the Water Board.
  • The Reactive Home project which consists in optimizing energy management in homes (Home Automation).

    Orange Labs researchers will also share their expertise about the technological challenge of distributed intelligence, machine to machine communications or cloud computing.